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Empty subway tunnelEurostar regulars know that it is possible to connect to the Internet on either side of the Channel… except when entering the tunnel. A black hole on which Orange has decided to communicate with the operation #InTheTunnelWith. The operator thus announces having carried out the first interview live, and simultaneously, from a taxi, 100 meters underground, in the Eurotunnel Shuttle.

Broadcast on singer Jean-Baptiste Maunier’s Facebook Live, the interview was broadcast via the operator’s 4G. “Customers who use the Eurostar or the Shuttle will be able to surf on their smartphone or tablet at very high speed with the Orange 4G network between Paris and London”, announces the group. On the English side, transmission is provided by British operators, with the roaming costs in force …

uberThis is a first in the United Kingdom: two drivers are suing Uber, and demand that the contract between them and the transport company be reclassified as an employment contract, according to information from the Financial Times. The complainants thus wish to access rights which they consider to be basic as workers. One of the two drivers would indeed receive a remuneration lower than the legal minimum: once the fees charged by Uber and its operating costs deducted from what it invoices to its customers, it would only receive 5.17 pounds per hour. worked. This is more than three times less than the hourly compensation of 18 pounds promised by the transport company in its communication campaigns.

With more than 30,000 drivers using the Uber app in the UK, the case is being followed closely. A court ruling in favor of the drivers could indeed set a precedent. Despite everything, the Californian firm remains confident about the number of drivers who could initiate similar procedures: “The main reason people choose to partner with Uber is to become their own boss, to choose their own schedules, and to work completely flexibly.»Says Jo Bertram, Regional General Manager at Uber UK.

In France, it was URSSAF which recently went to the front to reclassify the status of drivers, thus engaging in a long legal battle.

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axelle-lemaireThis Wednesday, the deputies definitively adopted the digital bill. Supported by Axelle Lemaire, the Secretary of State in charge of Digital, the text provides in particular to give everyone access to public data (open data) and to offer increased power to the CNIL. On the subject of the use of private data, MEPs decided to increase the ceiling of the fine to 20 million euros per year, or to 4% of the global annual turnover for a company.

In addition, the bill also requires companies responsible for a public service delegation to transmit all the data collected and the databases created to the public authority, which has awarded this contract. Among the other strong points voted, the right to the portability of personal data, the “right to be forgotten” for minors, “digital death” or even the criminalization of “revenge porn” appear in the final version of the adopted text. in the National Assembly. However, this version of the bill, resulting from the Joint Joint Committee, will still have to be voted on by senators on September 27 before being promulgated.

Bitmoji, these personalized emoji resembling cartoon characters developed by the Bitstrips company, have arrived on Snapchat. Users of the social network will now be able to send stickers with their effigy to their friends, or integrate their avatar into the Snaps they send. They can even create Friendmojis, emojis that combine their own avatar with that of a friend, to further personalize the exchanges. The integration of this feature into Snapchat follows the recent ad the takeover of Bitstrips by the social network.

E-commerceFrance ranks 6th for its potential for online sales, according to the statistical index T-Index 2016, published this Wednesday, July 20. Calculated by Translated, a professional translation agency, this index is used to estimate the share of each country in global e-commerce. With its 55.4 million active Internet users, which represent 3.8% of the global market share, France maintains the same rank as in 2015. It ranks behind the United Kingdom (4.9 % of market share), Germany (5.2%) Japan (7%), China (8%) and the United States (29.9%). Another lesson from the index, French Internet users spend an average of $ 26,517 online, against $ 41,217 for Americans and $ 4,551 for Chinese.

Almost a third of creatives say they have difficulty obtaining data from the agencies they work with, according to the latest study by Turn, a decision support platform for marketing professionals. However, 88% believe that the latter allow the creation of more personalized advertisements, and therefore a priori more impactful.


** Study carried out in the United Kingdom in May 2016. A panels of 206 creative decision-makers were interviewed by Morar Consulting, for Turn.

elie-choukrounThe RICOH Europe Executive Committee has just appointed Elie Choukroun, Managing Director of Service Operations since 2012, as President of RICOH France. Elie Choukroun joined SMO Bureautique (which became RICOH France in 1993) in 1990 as a sales representative. He will progress to various functions within the group, before joining the Management Committee of RICOH France in 1998, as Director of Development and Sales Administration, then its Executive Committee in 2006, when he is promoted to Business Director. Unit Ile de France.

I am very proud of the confidence shown by the leaders of Ricoh who, through this appointment, recognize the work and the merits of all the teams that I have had the satisfaction of leading in recent years. ” he explains in a press release.

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