[INSIDERS] 5 Tech Info to Shine in Society

by bold-lichterman

Mark Zuckerberg made a Facebook Live yesterday to highlight the latest feature of the social network: Facebook Spaces. This tool allows the creation of a 3D avatar to make video calls. Via a VR headset, the person can also “teleport” wherever they want. Demonstration:

On the video, we therefore find the avatar of Mark, very smiling, in the company of Rachel Franklin, in charge of the “Social VR” project of the American firm. They wear a VR headset and are not in the same room. Rachel and Mark will then “teleport” to Puerto Rico, more precisely to the port ravaged by Hurricane Maria. “One of the things that is really magical about VR is that you can feel like you really are in a place.», Details the founder of the social network. Just watch the video just above to understand how much Mark is a fan of this new feature.

The destination of the demonstration is not chosen by chance. After Hurricane Maria hit, Facebook donated $ 1.5 million to fund aid. Mark Zuckerberg then added that his company had also helped the Red Cross by mapping the population to facilitate rescues.

Virtual reality is making its first victims. Among the latter, we find Nokia, which has just decided to stop the development of its Ozo virtual reality camera. “Slower-than-expected VR market development means Nokia Technologies plans to reduce investment and focus more on technology licensing opportunities“, Said the Finnish group.

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Launched last year to appeal to professionals, Ozo makes it possible to produce 3D videos and video games for helmets and virtual reality glasses. First sold for $ 60,000, the camera then saw its price drop to $ 45,000 for lack of sufficient sales. Faced with the failure of its VR camera, Nokia decided to revise its ambitions downwards. In addition to stopping development of the Ozo camera, Nokia will also cut 310 jobs in its Nokia Technologies division, which employs 1,090 people. The jobs concerned are mainly located in Finland, the United Kingdom and the United States. From now on, Nokia Technologies will work on e-health and the management of trademarks and patents.

The start-up Little Gustave, which is developing a weekly food delivery service for baby food, raised 300,000 euros from business angels. André Saint-Mleux as well as Hugo Sallé de Chou, Constantin Wolfrom and Victor Lennel, all three founders of Pumpkin, FinTech acquired this summer by Arkéa.

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Created by Yémi Affogbolo, Little Gustave offers a subscription service and weekly delivery of jars for children aged 6 months to 3 years made from organic, seasonal and local foods. The young shoot will officially launch its operations in Paris in November. Subsequently, Little Gustave wants to be deployed throughout France.

She was expected, she is finally coming! Cortana’s integration into Skype has officially started. Initially, Skype users based in the United States will be able to benefit from the virtual assistant on the service’s Android and iOS applications.

Like what Facebook is already doing, with its assistant M on Facebook Messenger, and Google with Allo, Cortana will be able to appear under the most recent message on Skype and try to offer a useful action, such as suggesting quick answers, providing an itinerary or give the list of restaurants near a place. Cortana will also be present in Skype as a contact with whom it will be possible to communicate. The virtual assistant will be able to inform you about the weather forecast or about the trips you want to plan.

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The integration of Cortana was announced a year and a half ago by Microsoft, it is only now materializing. But better late than never …

The French start-up Libheros announces a fundraising of 1.1 million euros. This investment was led by Air Liquide Venture Capital and 4 other investors.

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The Libhéros team

Founded in early 2016 by Florence Herry and Jean-Christophe Klein, Libhéros is an application allowing patients to make an appointment for home care. In addition, the application offers professionals the possibility of managing their various consultations and of recording all their information concerning a patient. The start-up claims a hundred professionals registered since May 2017.

This investment will allow Libheros to develop at the national level. For the moment, users are mainly located in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Provence-Alpes-Côte-D’azur, Ile-de-France and Nouvelle-Aquitaine. On the other hand, the company intends to expand its teams.