[INSIDERS] 5 Tech Info to Shine in Society

by bold-lichterman

Didn’t see the notification yesterday morning? Yet the Dow Jones sent the news to its subscribers:

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You read that right, Google is buying Apple. This is “a surprising gesture ” which would have been concluded just before the death of Steve Jobs, with Larry Page, general manager of Google …

In FrenchWeb, we reassure you, this whole story is just a false manipulation. The Dow Jones actually sent the fake news by mistake during a test. “Please disregard any headlines published on our news feed between 9:34 am and 9:36 am. They were posted due to a technical error and are being removed from our thread. We apologize for this error», Then detailed the Dow Jones a few minutes later. Because of the notifications, there have been others as you can see in the tweet below:

For peace between North Korea and South Korea, we will have to go back. Indeed, North Korean hackers stole a large amount of ultra-confidential military documents from the South Korean army in September 2016, according to Rhee Cheol-hee, deputy of the ruling party in South Korea, quoted by the Press Agency Yonhap. In total, it would not be less than 235 gigabytes of military data that were stolen by North Korean hackers.

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In a very tense context between the two countries, against a backdrop of a nuclear threat, Pyongyang would thus have managed to get hold of the last operational plan of South Korea and the United States in the event of a military conflict with North Korea. In addition to the South Korean and American strategies and procedures to be applied if a war were to break out, the North Korean pirates have also reportedly discovered an attack plan to assassinate Kim Jong-un, the dictator of North Korea.

According to Yonhap, the content of 80% of the stolen data has not yet been identified. According to the South Korean Defense Ministry, Pyongyang has a unit of around 6,800 cyber attack specialists. South Korea may not be at the end of its (bad) surprises …

After laying off a third of its workforce at the start of the year, Medium is opening the Medium Partner Program to all of its authors. This last tool is available at the price of 5 euros per month. It was currently in testing by a few contributors since March.

From now on, all authors can choose to publish their content in public, accessible to everyone for free, or to share it in paid mode via this new tool. Registered readers who have paid $ 5 per month will then be able to access all content from authors who have shared their content in private mode.

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Credits: Christopher Michel.

Medium thus creates a new source of income, for the platform but also for the authors. Indeed, they can be remunerated if they publish their content behind this “paywall”. An algorithm, which takes care of the read time, the number of likes obtained and other characteristics, determines the remuneration. “This opens up the possibility for people who are on the platform to do new things that they could not do before due to lack of time.Said Ev Williams, founder of Medium. Last August, 83% of contributors who participated in this program earned money. On average, they received an amount of 93.65 dollars.

Each week its new revelations in the computer attack that hit the Equifax agency. Now we learn that 10.9 million US citizen driver’s licenses are among the stolen records, according to the Wall Street Journal. New road exit for Equifax …

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With the help of these driver’s licenses, hackers can more easily impersonate the victims, in particular to open a bank account in their name. The driver’s license, coupled with the name, date of birth, social security number and credit card number of the victims, offers a nice arsenal for hackers to shop at the princess’s expense.

In total, 145.5 million Americans, or more than 40% of the American population, are “potentiallyAffected by the computer attack suffered by Equifax.

Last week, the United States experienced the deadliest massacre in its history. 58 people lost their lives in the Las Vegas shooting. 17 pistols were found in the killer’s hotel room. A dozen had been modified using the technique of “bump stocksWhich consists in adding a part on the pistol so that it fires more quickly.

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If you don’t know how to make this slight transformation, until now all you have to do is log on to YouTube. Multiple tutorials then showed Internet users the procedure to follow. After this massacre, the video platform decided to no longer authorize the posting of these tutorials. “After the Las Vegas tragedy, we revisited the case for videos that show how to modify a firearm to increase its rate of fire, and we’ve extended our rules to ban these videos.», Details a spokesperson for YouTube at the site Gizmodo.