[INSIDERS] 5 Tech Info to Shine in Society

by bold-lichterman

The hype around ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) – cryptocurrency fundraising, somewhere between the IPO and crowdfunding for short – is total: $ 2 billion already raised to date for this year 2017.

But what appears to many to be a quick and easy way to raise money is also a source of significant expense. Here is, estimated and detailed by post, the price of an ICO, according to Alex Felix, CoinFund partner, to cover various costs: writing white papers, communication, smart contracts, legal costs and various taxes, audits … it will be necessary to pay between 100,000 and 750,000 dollars – without the need to develop your product!

If you want to know How Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son plans to invest Vision Fund’s $ 100 billion worth, the SoftBank fund, ask Eric Gundersen. The CEO of Mapbox, a mapping startup – which collaborates with Lyft, Snap or MasterCard – met Son last July, and then raised $ 164 million from Vision Fund.

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According to Gundersen, Masayoshi Son told him about his vision of the future, in which robots will inexorably turn the world of work upside down and machines will become smarter than individuals. (Sounds familiar, Elon?). A context in which Son wishes to be part, by investing in all companies likely to participate in the paradigm changes induced by the rise of artificial intelligence, in areas as diverse as transport, food, work, medicine or finance. A global approach that would explain the variety a priori the twenty or so operations already carried out by Vision Fund, in their fields (robotics software with BrainCorp, vertical agriculture with Plenty, collaborative tools with Slack) or their dimensions, ranging from the small startup ticket to the large-scale operation with companies listed.

What do these companies have in common? The data. All of them collect and mix immense amounts of data, which we know are the essential fuel for the development of artificial intelligence.

SoftBank, which began as a PC software distributor in Japan in 1981, has been investing and buying for more than thirty years to stay at the forefront: Yahoo, Sprint, Alibaba, Buzzfeed, HuffPost … while waiting for a next historic investment that could reach ten billion dollars at Uber. In a speech given last month in New York, Son said that in 30 years there will be more “sentient” robots than humans on Earth, and those robots, which he calls metal collars, will change. the work market : “All industries created by man, even agriculture, will be redefined, (…) because tools are now smarter than mankind”, says the one who hardly ever answers phone calls and signs emails with an icon of a computer fan starting up, or “thinking”.

You can read it here: Masayoshi Son’s Grand Plan for SoftBank’s $ 100 Billion Vision Fund

When we put together the latest Amazon initiatives announced this week, we can only agree with the conclusion of the specialized site The Next Web. Yes, Amazon wants to embark on its only consumer vortex, not only you, but your descendants as well – and this, over several generations.

To summarize: Alexa, the voice assistant, in addition to hearing voices, now knows how to distinguish them. We can thus, via the Echo devices that embed Alexa, take calls, collect messages, but also launch playlists, and of course, make purchases without identifying themselves.

Next, Amazon announced that its Household subscription was evolving to allow children aged 13 to 17 to buy on Amazon, via the app, using their parents’ payment methods. Wait until the feature is paired with the Voice Recognition, advertised above, and you’ll get what more or less sounds like an allegory of Hell on Earth.

We can also add projects concerning the delivery of products directly to the fridge, via a connected ringtones project, like Walmart. And let’s not forget the Alexa connected glasses project.

Let’s not talk about the continuous rumors of acquisitions, on the Whole Foods model: this week, the rumors were focused on the pharmacy market, around the Walgreens or CVS brands.

Do not throw any more.

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Apple and augmented reality are serious business. In any case, this is what Tim Cook, the CEO of the apple brand, revealed during an interview with the British newspaper. The Independent. In the eyes of Steve Jobs’ successor, augmented reality is set to take a prominent place in everyone’s life. “Remember 2008 when the App Store was launched. There was the first set of apps, and people said: “It’s nothing, mobile applications are not going to take off. “ And then, little by little, things start to change. In fact, it’s kind of a curve, it was just exponential. And now you can’t imagine your life without apps. Your health is in one app, your finances, your purchases, your news, your entertainment… They do it all. Augmented reality is like that. It will be spectacular ”, he explains.

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Credit My Little Paris

If Tim Cook believes in augmented reality, as evidenced by the arrival on iOS 11 of ARKit, a tool that allows you to create augmented reality content for iOS, he remains cautious on the subject. The boss of Apple believes that the technology is not ready to create augmented reality glasses. “The technology itself does not exist to do it in a qualitative way”, he says. It’s hard to argue with Tim Cook, remembering the Google Glass that never really caught the eye of consumers …

For Reed Hastings, cofounder and CEO of Netflix, the conquest of Europe has only just begun. And to accomplish its great international designs, the streaming giant has just hired Monique Meche from Amazon, to offer her the position of vice president of public affairs World, on a perimeter of 190 countries including the United States (on this account, one will admit without blinking that the title is not usurped). Monique Meche has held several positions in this area at Amazon therefore, but also at Cisco and Intel.

Netflix now has 52 million subscribers, and its growth is now driven internationally. The platform has thus invested more than $ 1.75 billion in content for Europe.

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However, Netflix must also deal with the increased attention of regulators, especially on issues such as quotas reserved for European creation, or the taxation of GAFA. In Asia too, Netflix had encountered difficulties in acquiring rights, even outright banned from operating in China, before signing a deal with a subsidiary of Baidu. As for Netflix’s domestic market, it is not exempt from regulatory obstacles, since the battle for net neutrality is still ongoing in the United States.

Netflix has hired a new exec to tackle policy challenges in Europe and around the world