[INSIDERS] 5 Tech Info to Shine in Society

by bold-lichterman

Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, can keep smiling. In the third quarter, the American video-on-demand giant garnered 5.3 million additional subscribers, including 4.45 million internationally and 850,000 in the United States. These figures are better than the group’s own forecasts, which counted on 4.4 million additional subscribers, including 3.7 million internationally. After passing the 100 million subscriber mark this summer, the video-on-demand specialist now has 109.3 million subscribers.

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Reed Hastings, cofounder and CEO of Netflix. Photo credit: JD Lasica

Between July and September, Netflix saw its revenue climb 30% to $ 2.99 billion. At the same, net profit reached $ 130 million, up from $ 52 million a year earlier. Even internationally, which was until now the Achilles heel of Netflix, the American platform managed to generate a net profit of 62 million dollars in the third quarter when it had conceded a loss of 69 million dollars at the same time last year.

Beyond its good quarterly figures, Netflix continues to widen the gap a little more with the competition. In the space of a year, the title of the American juggernaut has soared 64% on Wall Street while its rivals fail to take off on the stock market. According to CNBC, Disney’s stock fell 6% in one, AT & T’s fell 15% and Discovery’s plummeted by 30%.

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Evolution of the Netflix title over one year. Credit: CNBC

Netflix does not intend to slow down its infernal machine insofar as the American group is targeting 6.3 million additional subscribers in the fourth quarter. To attract new subscribers, the video-on-demand giant will invest $ 7 to $ 8 billion in the production of original content in 2018.

Netflix hits new all-time high after blowout earnings from CNBC.

Venture capitalist Marie Ekeland will soon take over the presidency of the National Digital Council. It is Mounir Mahjoubi, Secretary of State in charge of digital, who announces it in the columns of the World.

Without a president since January 20, 2017, the date of the resignation of the same Mounir Mahjoubi who left to join Emmanuel Macron’s presidential campaign, the Council remained in the hands of its three vice-presidents: Sophie Pène, professor at the University of Paris Descartes, Guy Mamou-Mani, co-president of the Open group and Amal Taleb, deputy director of public affairs at SAP. The three resigned between July and October, publicly expressing their dissatisfaction with the lack of leadership of the Council: “We had no information. I do not understand this behavior “, Guy Mamou-Mani (and also presidential candidate) told the newspaper The world.

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Marie Ekeland. Credit: FrenchWeb

With this appointment, Mounir Mahjoubi now takes control of the institution: “CNNum was no longer working. We changed everything. We needed a little time ”, he declared daily. Marie Ekeland, CNNum member since February 2016, spent nine years at Elaia Partners, as a partner, where she contributed to the development of Criteo, Showroomprivé.com. or Parrot. She co-founded the Daphni investment fund in 2015. Very involved and recognized in the French Tech ecosystem, she is co-founder and co-President of the France Digitale association. She sits or has served on the boards of various companies, such as Parrot, Showroomprivé, Criteo, Teads, Ykone, Allmyapps and Scoop.it.

Spotted on the Twitter of Jean de La Rochebrochard, partner Kima Ventures, the portfolio which covers all deals of the investment holding company of Xavier Niel. Kima Ventures receives 400 to 500 files per week, to retain two, or about a hundred deals per year, including more than a third in France, for an average of 150,000 euros per transaction. In total, more than 400 startups listed here!

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A giant leap for a small country. Estonia is pleased to be the first country to consider legal status for artificial intelligence and robots, according to information revealed by Bloomberg. “If we seize this opportunity as a government, we could be one of the pioneersSaid Siim Sikkut, head of IT strategy for the Estonian government. The project under study proposes the creation of the term “agent-robot”, a legal status between the natural person and the legal person.

If Estonia is concerned so early about a legal status for AI and robots, it is because the country is already very involved in the development of new technologies. The government allowed nationwide Internet voting and created a platform for foreigners called E-residency. On the other hand, the Estonian parliament last June in Tallinn authorized the unassisted movement of the parcel delivery robots of Starship Technologies. These can move at a maximum speed of 6km / h.

CONFIDENTIEL 30 start ups make common ICOs

At the European level, the parliament would work on a regulation concerning robots. Already many companies and personalities like Max Tegmark, professor of physics at MIT, wonder about the right of machines. If a self-driving car is responsible for an accident, can’t the AI ​​buy insurance? And if robots become better investors than men in the stock market, what will happen? You have two hours.

To read on LeTemps.ch: Robots will get their own legal status

It is possible for all Free subscribers to switch to the Revolution box free of charge until October 31, 2017. This offer, available since early October for Freebox Mini 4K subscribers, had aroused dissatisfaction among some Freebox V5 / Crystal owners. They too will therefore now be able to benefit from this offer. Until now, migration has cost 50 euros for migration costs, and 19 euros for shipping. The monthly Freebox Revolution subscription (with TV by Canal) costs 39.99 euros. In addition to the good promo plan, which you will be very comfortable with, should we see, in what could be likened to a destocking, a clue as to the imminent arrival of the new Freebox V7?

Webedia recherche son stagiaire en Communication B2B (H/F)

Avec plus de cinquante sites et applications dans le monde (Allociné, jeuxvideo.com, PurePeople, Puretrend, 750g.com, Easyvoyage, Tudo Gostoso…) et des chaînes puissantes sur les plateformes vidéo, le groupe Webedia rassemble plus de 90 millions de visiteurs uniques mensuels sur l’ensemble des écrans et plus de 27 millions en France (source Webedia et Médiamétrie/NetRatings, Internet global, octobre 2015). Webedia propose des solutions de publicité, de e-commerce, et accompagne également ses clients dans la définition et la réalisation de leurs stratégies digitales, CRM, sociales et de brand publishing.

Notre forte croissance nous amène aujourd’hui à recruter les talents qui participeront à notre développement.
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