[INSIDERS] 5 Tech Info to Shine in Society

by bold-lichterman

Dear friends, more than a big trend, this is a paradigm shift. After years of loneliness coding in the dark of a garage or pitching in the void, in the thankless indifference of other social bodies, the hour of revenge has come: the geek is hot, the startuper has replaced the rockstar in the collective imagination.

We had spotted the sudden surge of Twags (Tech wives and girlfriends) in the ranks of high society: Miranda Kerr, ex of Orlando Bloom, remarried to Evan Spiegel, cofounder CEO of Snap, Amber Heard, ex of Johnny Depp, and Elon Musk or Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian, cofounder of Reddit. It is now up to Yves Saint-Laurent to give in to the tech sirens, by offering himself the image ofAlexandre Robicquet, presented as “Researcher in Artificial Intelligence” on the launch posters of his new fragrance.

Who is Alexandre Robicquet? We are told in the headset that the fop is 25 years old, is a student researcher at Stanford and works in the lab of one of the founders of Google X. He is obviously very pretty, probably smells good, and has lots of questions. – which is good, since the perfume is called Y (to pronounce Why, therefore).

As the spot is only 30 seconds long, it leaves him little time to code, but enough time to take his motorbike, tumble like a flower in the spotlight of a packed house won to his cause, and deliver an inspiring conference, somewhere between a TEDx and Freddie Mercury at Wembley.

Do not throw any more, the hype is total.


Carlos Diaz, based in San Francisco and co-founder of the acceleration program The Refiners, announced yesterday on his Facebook wall the end of his chronicle Live from Silicon Valley, broadcast on France Info. The stop of this program was notified to him by an email from the director of France Info, when he was just about to record the first meeting of this fourth season, until then confirmed. We can bet that Carlos will find more welcoming waves to broadcast his echoes from the Valley.

Spotted in the New-York Times, an investigation into the secrets of recruiting the new CEO of Uber. The article gives an overview of the power wars at work on this issue, in the cozy lounges of the Four seasons of San Francisco. Not necessarily the favorite of the race, Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Expedia, finally won against Meg Whitman, CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Jeffrey R. Immelt, former boss of General Electric. And where we learn that Mr. Khosrowshahi had to provide his own Uber passenger rating as part of his recruitment. You can read it here: Inside Uber’s Wild Ride in a Search of a New CEO

Very reassuring news on the side of connected health: the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) just proceeded to recall of half a million pacemakers from Abbott Company. Their firmware, intended to regulate the heart rate of carrier patients, would present security flaws serious enough to that a malicious hacker can break in and take control. We let you meditate on the many perspectives opened up by hacking myocardial cells remotely. #HeartWithFingers

Isabelle Constant is appointed General Manager of We Are Social. Arriving a year ago as Deputy Director General in charge of commercial strategies, Isabelle Constant will be tasked with deploying, under the leadership of Sandrine Plasseraud, founder and president, the vision of the agency and supporting the growth of the Paris office, now employing around 100 people. Founded almost 8 years ago, We Are Social now has 11 offices on 5 continents (New York, London, Paris, Milan, Rome, Munich, Berlin, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Sydney).

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