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by bold-lichterman

If, as some predict, the freezing of ICOs by the Central Bank of China could mark the end of an era (that of the disheveled and deregulated western), then the second quarter will remain historic for fundraising in cryptocurrency: the sale of tokens reached nearly 800 million dollars in the second quarter. This is more than three times the value of the early stage investment over the period ($ 235 million, according to Goldman Sachs).

Cumulatively over 2017, the total ICOs amounted to $ 1.7 billion.

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Faced with the scale of the sums at stake, in addition to China, other regulators are now paying close attention to ICOs : United States, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Korea, Russia… The fans hardcore of cryptocurrency will consult the detailed report of Techcrunch, according to figures provided by CoinDesk.

According to information from New-York Times, Facebook is reportedly looking for offices in China, and more precisely in Shanghai, despite the censorship that has hit the social network in the territory since 2009.

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The sources of the American newspaper would have revealed, on condition of anonymity, that this approach would be part of the hardware project. Building 8, but could obviously also serve their long-term effort, to finally penetrate the market to 730 million Internet users. In China, Facebook is progressing slowly: last spring, the network had already authorized the launch of a photo sharing application, Colorfull Balloons, exact replica of Moments, by a third party company.

A LinkedIn and Spotify study reveals the listening habits of French people at work. The group Coldplay is thus the “best artist to listen to at work”, followed by Adèle and Ed Sheeran. At the announcement of this crucial information, tongues loosen, speech frees itself: someone whom I will not quote – but who occupies the office opposite mine – confided to me in a long sob that he was convinced that his employer weighed at least 90% of the streams counted in favor of Chris Martin’s group.

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Why listen to music at work? Because it encourages productivity, according to French employees surveyed: more than half (65%) listen to music to motivate themselves, while music calms 42% of them, 40% listen to it to stimulate their creativity, 33% to stay focused and 26% because they do not like silence. But as the survey modestly puts it, music at work has other benefits: 18% admit to listening to it only so as not to endure the noise of their colleagues.

Musical tastes can be a source of contention in the office, however: 8% of professionals admit to judging their colleague based on their musical choices, while 17% claim to be the “Office DJ”, regularly selecting music for others.

As for the musical registers, pop is the most popular with employees. However, surprising data has been discovered in the various business lines: engineers most likely to listen to jazz, human resources professionals most likely to listen to metal – yes, in that order.

Hello Craftsman, accelerates its development with a fundraising of 500,000 euros and a strategic merger with SeFaireAider and Denys Chalumeau, founder of Seloger. com, Promovacances and BilletReduc. Created in 2014 by François Sorbier and Charles Coatalem, Hello Artisan is a platform specializing in direct intermediation between building professionals and individuals, with 4,500 verified companies.

Fence continues its digital transformation by taking a 60% majority stake in the Nolaroads agency. The objective of this equity investment is the creation for Barrière of a new branch of activity to complement the group’s historical businesses (casinos, hotels, restaurants, etc.), dedicated to the production of mobile games. This movement confirms Barrière’s ambitions in gaming, in order to strengthen its position in leisure and entertainment and better target Millennials, such as the partnership formed with Webedia last May for the organization of eSport events.

Today in our series The business model that is going well, we can’t resist talking to you about Cash for Startup. This site offers start-ups the opportunity to resell gifts and other advantages of all kinds obtained from their partners (incubators, accelerators, corporations, investors, etc.) which they would not use. In front of my puzzled pout, my source – apparently well aware of my consumption habits – allows himself to supplement: “Basically, he buys you your Monoprix promo coupons.”

It’s too much for me, we’ll see you tomorrow.

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