[INSIDERS] 5 Tech Info to Shine in Society

by bold-lichterman

To read on Venture Beat, an op-ed by Jay Wilpon, Senior Vice President of Natural Language Research at Interactions (snap). There he develops a point according to which virtual customer service assistants are to date more advanced than Siri or Alexa, which are nevertheless the darlings in the matter.

The reason is easy to understand: in order to maximize our chances of getting a relevant answer, we talk to Siri or Alexa, much like we would a toddler or a deaf grandpa – short sentences, exaggerated pronunciation. , simplified syntax – and therefore, we teach them nothing of what makes the salt of human language : slang, bounces of a conversation, figures of speech, new words … We don’t challenge not.

Conversely, it is the assistants who have complex interactions business type, such as those dedicated to customer support, which will allow AI to make significant progress.

The best example is the figure of the dissatisfied customer. The one who screams his despair at not having received his Fedex package – like Madonna in the tweet below – often does so between two spasms, by means of fragmented sentences, grappling with disorganized thoughts, sometimes punctuating his remarks with names of ‘birds. It is a material of choice for the development of artificial intelligences: they are thus exposed to a complex, destructured magma, the elements of which are not equally relevant to the resolution of the problem posed, which should be sorted and qualified for Act in consequence.

Blizzard Entertainment opens the Blizzard Arena Los Angeles, a room full of technologies, for professional players and esports fans. Located in the legendary Burbank Studios, former NBC filming location Tonight Show by Johnny Carson, the Blizzard Arena has been tailor-made to deliver the best live experiences to local audiences and spectators around the world.

With its multiples 4600 square meters film sets, with a capacity of 450 seated spectators, control rooms and training areas, the Blizzard Arena Los Angeles will be able to host competitive events throughout the year. In addition, visitors will find a Blizzard Store with a selection of items varying according to the events.

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The Blizzard Arena Los Angeles will first open its doors to the public on the weekend of October 7-8, for the Overwatch Contenders Season 1 Playoffs. Blizzard has already started selling tickets for $ 15 a seat.

The eSports market, valued at 892 million dollars in 2016, is expected to exceed one billion this year. An estimated 258 million fans are likely to tune in to attend esports competitions this year.

After Donald Trump’s decision to dismantle the DACA within six months (Deferred Action for Chilhood Arrivals), a program allowing undocumented migrants who arrived in the United States before the age of 16 to work, the resistance is organized, and tech giants are on the front line. 800 000 “Dreamers” are affected by the measure, risking losing their jobs and being expelled.

Mark Zuckerberg had already spoken about this on September 5, in a post expressing disappointment and opposition to the measure, and calling for swift action from Congress. He hosted this Wednesday three Dreamers at his home, during a Facebook Live chat to reiterate his concerns.

“To offer the American Dream to people, and then to take it away and punish people for trusting their government and coming out of the shadows… is just one of the most troubling things I think I’ve seen in a long time for our countryZuckerberg said in particular during the conversation.

Microsoft said the company would challenge any eviction measure affecting its employees; Tim Cook has also publicly expressed his disapproval of a measure that would affect more than 250 Apple employees, calling it in an internal email ” major setback for the nation “.

At the same time, when your President tweets tirelessly, is it really amazing?

According to a Pew Research Center study, 67% of Americans get information via social networks, up 5 points compared to 2016.

In 2017, two-thirds of US adults get news from social media

In detail of the figures by platform, Facebook largely dominates: 45% of American adults surveyed get information, followed by 18% on YouTube and 15% on Twitter.

Social media sites as pathways to news

The detailed figures are to be found here.

Spotted on Wired, an in-depth investigation into WeWork’s strategy, whose valuation hit record highs following SoftBank’s $ 4.4 billion investment. The American unicorn today weighs 20 billion dollars today and thinks besides that it is well worth them. We learn that WeWork wants to position itself as theIntel Inside workspaces, providing offices, but also all the services that go with it. To read here: Why WeWork Thinks It’s Worth $ 20 Billion

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