[INSIDERS] 5 Tech Info to Shine in Society

by bold-lichterman

Samsung is no longer hiding its interest in the autonomous car. The Korean chaebol has just announced the creation of a dedicated fund, named Samsung Automotive Innovation Fund, endowed with 300 million dollars. The fund will aim to invest massively in connected cars and autonomous driving, thus covering all the technological territories that underpin the development of these markets: artificial intelligence, machine vision, intelligent sensors, cybersecurity, etc.

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The fund has entered into a first strategic partnership for an amount of 75 million euros with the Austrian company TTTech, specializing in autonomous driving software, in which Audi has already invested.

Samsung had already demonstrated its interest in the revolutions at work in the automotive sector, in particular through previous investments in batteries for electric vehicles, via the companies Seeo and Store Dot, or the software environment for the automobile, in particular via the takeover from Harman for $ 8 billion last November.

Still in the autonomous car sector, let us salute the dedication of Ford engineers, who do not hesitate to pay with their person, and brave heat, ridicule and claustrophobia by dressing up as a car seat to advance this part of the Frontier Tech.

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Conducted with the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, the purpose of the test was to experiment in real conditions with new types of interactions between a driverless vehicle and real individuals – pedestrians, cyclists, or other drivers – and to validate Ford’s hypotheses on this subject.


According to Techcrunch, which relays information from the specialized Indian site The Ken, Google is about to launch a mobile payment app in India. Baptized Tez (which would mean fast in Hindi), this app would be more advanced than Alphabet’s already existing payment products, such as Android Pay or Google Wallet. Tez would combine wallet and cashout functions, and would be interfaced with Unified Payments Interface, a local payment system, supported by the government.

Why choose India to finally deploy a payment solution internationally, you will ask yourself? India is the world’s second largest smartphone market, and its growth is blazing fast. 97% of the fleet runs on Android. In addition, a BCG-Google study of 2016 estimates that the digital payments space will reach 500 billion dollars per year by 2020. Paytm, an operator already present in the market, has 100 million active users. That’s why.

Also, please note that Google should announce its new Pixel 2 smartphone range, on the occasion of an event on October 4th. A dedicated site just uploaded, teasant on this date.

Launched in January 2017, N26 has grown rapidly in France, driven by word of mouth from its customers. N26 is positioned as the first 100% mobile European bank and seeks to redefine the standards of the bank to offer it directly on a smartphone. France is one of the countries with the highest growth for N26, which has overtaken the 500,000 customers last month on a European scale. FrenchWeb interviewed Jérémie Rosselli, General Manager France of N26 to detail the ambitions of the FinTech start-up created in 2013.

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Pinterest announced today that more than 200 million people use the app every month, is growth of nearly 40% in one year. On this occasion, the visual social network also unveils the launch-test of a new feature, the possibility of creating sub-tables in an already existing table, which would be the subject of intense demand from users. Well, this seems perfect to better organize and segment my pins, for example by creating a Gluten Free sub-table to my Veggie board.

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Pinterest also communicates some interesting indicators, in particular on the progression of male use, on a platform which is believed to be solely the preserve of the fairer sex.

  • Over 75% of new registrants are outside the United States
  • Over 50% of users are outside the United States
  • Male registrations are growing 3 times faster than female registrations
  • The number of active male users increased by more than 50% in one year