[INSIDERS] 5 Tech Info to Shine in Society

by bold-lichterman

Interviewed on the occasion of Bloomberg Global Business Forum, which was held this Wednesday, September 20, 2017 in New York, Bill Gates returned to a question that has tormented PC users since tech came to tech, and which I would reformulate freely as follows: “Why three fingers and two hands to lock / unlock / restart?” Why spread the phalanges in this perverse choreography? Why the Ctrl + Alt + Del ?? And the user experience, do you know? ” A little tense, Bill Gates first kicked in touch (sorry), attributing this questionable choice to other people in charge of the project (from IBM, not to mention them). At the insistence of his interlocutor, the co-founder of Microsoft finally admitted: if it had to be done again, he would have made sure to put it all in a single touch, yes. Thanks, Bill: even years later, it’s still good to hear.

Yes, Bill Gates regrets Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Always well informed, CNBC today reveals that Tesla, in a vertical integration effort, reportedly seeks to develop its own chip with help from AMD, intended for autonomous driving. About fifty employees would be involved in this project. Tesla had been working with Nvidia since the termination of its partnership with MobilEye after a fatal accident involving the Autopilot system in 2016. This type of project would, however, allow it to reduce its dependence on a third-party supplier in this strategic area.

Tesla working with AMD on AI chip for self-driving cars from CNBC.

Tesla is working with AMD to develop its own AI chip for self-driving cars, says source

SEC (Security Exchange Commission), the federal body in charge of monitoring stock markets in the United States, announced on Wednesday that it had been the victim of a computer hacking in 2016. The attack would have been possible via a loophole in the EDGAR database, which notably allows listed companies to publish legal information on their financial transactions and accounts. In his press release, the SEC says it was only aware of August 2017 the possible consequences of this incident, namely “Serve as a basis for illicit gains through stock market transactions”.

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The SEC says this flaw has been fixed, and the attack did not create any “Systemic risk” for the functioning of financial markets. The announcement comes as credit rating agency Equifax grapples with calamitous crisis management following the cyberattack on it, compromising the data of 143 million Americans.

Hackers May Have Profited From SEC Corporate Filing System Attack

Fashion and accessories brand Kate Spade New York celebrates the opening of his boutique flagship in Paris with an augmented reality experience that puts the capital in the spotlight.

The principle of JoyWalks: spots chosen by three fashion influencers (adenorah, Natacha Birds and The Balloon Diary), which we unlock and animate via smartphone. To discover them, just use the Tapage app or the Bold app from My Little Paris and let yourself be guided, via an interactive map.

By physically going to the selected places, walkers will discover new activities: pink flamingos floating on the Seine, a yellow New York taxi appearing unexpectedly in a street, cakes flying around pastries … In short, why hallucinogenic mushrooms when you have the JoyWalks?

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On the execution side, to transform Paris into an interactive playground, the American brand, owned by Coach Inc., collaborated with the brandtech group, You & Mr Jones (which had acquired 55% of agency 55 in 2016), which selected two startups from its portfolio: theAmplify influencer marketing agency and Zappar, pioneer of the augmented reality experience.

For your viewing pleasure, here is Magic Sudoku, the ARkit augmented reality app that solves Sudoku puzzles for you. Although the very principle of the game is deviated, to say the least, given that Magic Sudoku only works – for the moment – on grids devoid of any human intervention, the whole provides the eye with such a fluid experience, that ‘it becomes perfectly satisfactory.

This sudoku app shows how incredible ARKit is – but it totally spoils the game