[INSIDERS] 5 Tech Info to Shine in Society

by bold-lichterman

The Adblock Plus ad blocker has just made a module available to add to the Adblock Plus extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Android browsers. Once installed, it blocks any intrusion attempt intended to pump CPU resource to mine cryptocurrency without your knowing it voluntarily.

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As a reminder, mining consists of allocating computer resources, in order to confirm transactions on cryptocurrency networks. Miners are paid in cryptic currency in exchange for their services. Thus, Pirate Bay recently distinguished itself by introducing a mining script on its pages, using the processors of its users, without information or authorization.

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In a context of fierce competition with Amazon, the American distribution giant is going a step further in last mile logistics. Walmart announced yesterday on his blog a new delivery service, no longer at home, but directly inside the house.

In partnership with the manufacturer of connected ringtones August, Walmart deliverers will therefore be able to drop packages inside customers’ homes, if they wish – and no longer drop them off at their doorstep in case of absence. A notification is sent to the customer, who can then follow the whole process on video from his smartphone, as soon as the delivery person enters his home, thanks to a one-time code. This service will also concern grocery shopping and fresh food which will be, icing on the cake, placed in the fridge and freezer. The service will soon be tested in Silicon Valley, with volunteer customers.

After the buyout of part of HTC (in this case, its patents and half of its Research and Development, i.e. around 2,000 engineers), many are wondering what to expect from the operation to $ 1.1 billion. Especially after Motorola’s controversial 2012 buyout for a whopping $ 12.5 billion, before it was sold to Lenovo for $ 2.91 billion. Are the two deals comparable? Not really, according to the analysis of a journalist from Market Watch.

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Rick Osterloh, Google hardware SVP and Cher Wang, HTC chairperson

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Despite the atmosphere of mistrust around bitcoin, caused by the radical decisions of the Chinese authorities or the shattering statements of the boss of JP MorganChase, central banks know that the future of finance is played around the blockchain. A study of Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance polled or compiled the opinions of 25 central banks. 40% of them think they will deploy the blockchain within ten years.

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Among the applications they want to make, over 80% say they use it to issue their own crypto currency, at the top of all responses.

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To read in detail on Quartz: One in five central banks say they will be using blockchain tech by 2019

If you were wondering what to do this weekend, know that Instagram just announced the deployment of augmented reality filters and masks since Live. And immediately, life is more beautiful. The FrenchWeb editorial staff wish you a good weekend!

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