[INSIDERS] 5 Tech Info to Shine in Society

by bold-lichterman

Uber does not intend to let go in London. Banned from the British capital by Transport for London, the London transport authority, the VTC platform has started a seduction operation to win back the hearts of the London authorities. Uber would indeed be ready to make some concessions to continue driving in the streets of London, according to the British press.

The Sunday Times explains that the American firm plans to put in place measures to improve passenger safety and social benefits for drivers so that they are better treated. The VTC platform intends in particular to introduce limits on the number of hours worked and paid leave. “Although we have not been asked to make a change, we would like to know what we can do”, said Tom Elvidge, boss of Uber in London. Dara Khosrowshahi, the new CEO of Uber, also cracked a letter of apology to Londoners, where he admits “errors” – without specifying which ones.

The London transport authority considers the statements of the group encouraging, if not convincing, and even expresses the possibility of engaging in dialogue with Uber, according to sources cited by the Sunday Times. For his part, the mayor of London Sadiq Khan took note of the letter from the CEO of the VTC platform and also wants a meeting to be organized between the parties. To support its reconquest of London, the Californian company has also launched a petition on Change.org. At the time of this writing, she counts more than 760,000 signatories. Enough to change the game? Time is running out, Uber’s operating license expires next Saturday.

However, we ended up getting used to folklore: the fanboys Apple ready to sleep under the stars, swaddled in a duvet in front of their favorite store, braving the vigor of the night cold at the sole force of their fantasy, on the eve of the release of a new iPhone, are now less and less numerous. Thus, in front of the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York, there were barely 250 fierce people. And this is indeed a fundamental trend: there were 1,900 flocks in 2014, 650 in 2015, 400 in 2016.

The Consumerist advance some reasons for the etiolation of the phenomenon: the iPhone is now an almost common product, or in any case, by its availability, less elitist than in the past. Apple now offers the possibility of reserving their novelties online – it’s great, what we can do with e-commerce these days 🙂

Everything passes, everything gets tired, everything breaks… Would the adage be true? See you on November 3 with the release of the iPhoneX, whose premium features such as facial recognition, may be likely to awaken the romantic / consumerist / egotistical ardor (cross out the unnecessary mention) of aficionados of the brand at the Apple.

In any case, this is the prediction of James Altucher, entrepreneur, author of books on entrepreneurship, podcaster. According to his newsletter The James Altucher Report, relayed by the site squawker.org, Amazon would soon accept bitcoin as a means of payment, and would even make the announcement during its financial results conference on October 26.

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However, a Change.org petition recently solicited Jeff Bezos to accept the change on his site, garnering 9,000 signatures, sparking zero reaction from the company on the matter. A speculation therefore, to be taken with the usual tweezers – in a personal capacity, I would opt here for the medium-plus model – whose informative character resides more in the nature of the rumors currently running in the cryptosphere than in their background. You will also note, still in the crypto payment news, that Google has recently integrated bitcoin among the currencies available in its Payment Request payment API.

In the family of pop-up stores, a pop-up bar had opened in Chicago, using the codes of the successful series Stranger Things from Netflix, by omitting, however, to request authorization from the beneficiaries.

The American streaming platform did not hesitate to call these offenders to order and to do this, released his most beautiful pen, full of humor and references. Admire the firm but benevolent tone, seeking intelligent resolution of conflict. You can read it below.

Netflix Letter ‘Stranger Things’ Pop-Up Bar by Mina Bloom on Scribd

It all started on social networks: Cyril Pierre de Geyer (creator of the Executive MBA Epitech), Francis Nappez (co-founder and CTO of BlaBlaCar) and Nicolas Silberman (ex CTO of Mediapart / 20 Minutes) make a statement: there is no French event where CTOs can meet and discuss. Neither one nor two, they draw their smartphone and question their networks. About thirty answered them, like Dimitri Baeli, CTO of LesFurets.com: “Responding to this call was obvious, France is at the cutting edge of technology and we have very good companies. Our role as CTO is crucial. And as Tech Leaders, we must assume to be a competitive advantage and participate in the virtuous circle of success ”.

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This is how the Techs.Rocks were born. The first edition will take place on Thursday, December 21 at Station F. CTOs are invited to come and discuss various themes such as management, talent recruitment, etc. A taste of this day will take place on October 4 from 9:30 am to 10:30 am during Microsoft Experiences. Reservations are made directly on the site.