[INSIDERS] 5 Tech Info to Shine in Society

by bold-lichterman

Microsoft, Facebook and Telxius, a subsidiary of the Spanish operator Telefonica specializing in Telecom infrastructures, have just announced the successful deployment of Marea, the fastest sub-Atlantic internet cable in history. The cable is capable of transmitting 160 terabits per second, or 71 million HD movies simultaneously, 16 million times faster than your modest home connection.

Marea (tide, in Spanish), made 6,600 km long, lies 5,000 meters deep and connects Bilbao in Spain to Virginia Beach, in the United States, where Microsoft and Facebook have data centers. It weighs 4.65 million kilograms – the equivalent of 24 blue whales.

The installation was also fast, since Marea (8 pairs of optical fibers, surrounded by copper) took less than two years to unroll, it is three times faster than the standard, according to Microsoft. Marea’s design is “open” to keep pace with technology and Internet adoption around the world, especially in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, where the next billion people are expected to be. Internet users. In particular, the cable will help meet growing demands for the cloud, including Azure for Microsoft. Marea will be operational in 2018.

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Photo credit: Microsoft

The tech giants are now taking a direct foothold in infrastructure, and investing in it, in order to better control it, rather than going through consortia of operators. Google has thus invested in several projects of this type, including a 9,000 km cable, running from the United States to Japan.

Almost two years after the first demo and one year after the official announcement of its manufacture, Levi’s finally markets its connected jacket, developed with the team ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) from Google, as part of Project Jacquard. “I am very happy, but 300 balls (350 dollars) the connected sleeve, thank you very much ”, you might say – while the more careful might care how it washes out, this thing. So what to think of the first piece of clothing Jacquard-inside ?

The Levi’s Commuter Trucker has all the attributes of a classic denim jacket: rivets, cut, seams, fabric. And yet it is the latter that makes all the difference, since conductive threads mixed with classic denim threads allow it to be transformed into a tactile surface, an area in this case circumscribed to the sleeve, in order to control your smartphone without taking it out. from his pocket. The connection with the mobile (Android or iOS) is made via a detachable bluetooth dongle.

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Photo credit: Levi’s

The product targets cyclists in particular and focuses on four simple gestures, to be configured according to the possible actions, via a dedicated app. We can thus launch a playlist, take or refuse a call, request the voice reading of messages or notifications, manage his GPS … On the other hand, take it easy on perspiration, because, according to Google, it could not stand only ten washes

A point of view from Auren Hoffman, SafeGraph CEO, to read on Quora, on what makes her sense the incredibly agile giant Amazon. Hoffman returns to this famous quote from Jeff Bezos, to the point of erecting it as a totem of e-merchant success: the HR rule that the ideal size of a team is one that two pizzas are enough to feed – If you can’t feed a team with two pizzas, it’s too large » – so that it maintains speed and a sense of responsibility.

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What is the internal culture like at Amazon?

The 12th edition of the Robobusiness Conference brought together 2,000 people for two days in San José, California. This year, the show notably illustrated how robots are leaving industrial uses to reach mass consumption.

Global robot market to rise to $ 83 billion in 2025, according to an estimate of Boston Consulting Group, who raised its 2015 forecast by around 25% : the famous firm had, for example, undervalued investments in robotics companies, which have tripled compared to the last three years.

Many investors, but also representatives of large companies, such as Johnson & Johnson, Target or Walmart, have walked the aisles of the show, not only to understand the machines but also the software intelligences that make them live.

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Spotted among the cool robots of this year, Ipal, a one-meter-high robot-companion, manufactured by the Chinese start-up AvatarMind Robot Technology, is intended to help school teachers and parents, for example children with autism spectrum disorders, or to assist the elderly. Already presented in particular at CES, it is ready for marketing for the first quarter of 2018 in the United States, for less than $ 2,000, with the stated ambition to make the robot “affordable”.

10 cool robots at this year’s RoboBusiness Conference

OVH wants to recruit 1,000 people by September 2018 after hiring 600 people this year. With these new talents, “the objective is to develop our presence both in France and internationally, while strengthening the workforce in our current locations», Explains Antoine Tison (pictured below), Chief Human Resources Officer of OVH. In total, by 2025, the host wants to work with 15,000 employees.

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To welcome all these new people, OVH will expand its workspaces in Roubaix with a new campus. The host intends to create new offices in Nantes and Bordeaux. Then, over the next 12 months, the Frenchman intends to intensify his international presence with the opening of spaces in Ireland, Germany and India.

The ambition to impose itself on the international scene had already been expressed with the acquisition of vCloud Air, a subsidiary of the American VMware, last April. This takeover enabled it to strengthen its presence in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, thanks to ten additional data centers.

Founded in 1999 by Octave Klaba, OVH today boasts more than one million customers and 260,000 servers deployed worldwide. The Roubaix company has 22 data centers around the world. These figures lead OVH to claim the status of European leader in the cloud. Currently the third largest host in the world, the company is targeting a billion euros in turnover per year by 2020.