[INSIDERS] 5 Tech Info to Shine in Society

by bold-lichterman

Apparently outraged by the suspicions surrounding the conditions of his election, Donald Trump obviously grabbed his smartphone to tell the world his way of thinking. And it was this time on Mark Zuckerberg that the 140-character ire of the American president fell. In this tweet, Donald Trump accuses Facebook of having always been “Anti-Trump”, extrapolating even a “Collusion” of the social network with the press and TV media critical against it.

Mark Zuckerberg responded to the president’s attack on Facebook: “Trump says we are against him. Democrats say we helped his election. Both camps are annoyed by ideas and content that they do not approve of. And that’s how it works on a platform open to all ideas. ”

Facebook, Google and Twitter will be heard on November 1 by a Senate intelligence committee, during a public hearing, as part of the investigation into suspicions of Russian interference during the 2016 election.

Because mankind will never have enough existential questions to deceive boredom before death, here is what to renew the stock: what becomes of an individual’s bitcoins when they die? Cointelegraph tackles this funny subject, since to date, you can very well invest in cryptic currency – and even have made a fortune in the case of early-adopters – without anyone knowing the existence of your wallet, or its protection key a fortiori.

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For example, a young man living in Colorado died this year, leaving his family in debt. But he had also invested in bitcoin very early on, as early as 2013, when it was worth $ 13 – it has since hit $ 5,000. The family accidentally discovered their investments through bank statements that mentioned transactions with the Coinbase wallet, but without the information needed to release the funds. She is currently negotiating with the platform to recover these sums.

Roku is now taking his first steps on the Nasdaq. The Californian company, specializing in video streaming via devices or connected televisions, including the IPO price was set at $ 14, raising its valuation to $ 1.3 billion, raised $ 219 million. Roku has been well received by the markets: a few hours after its introduction, the share had already taken 30%, trading for over $ 18.

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In a landscape of American TV consumption transformed by streaming and cord-cutting, Roku holds more than 32% of the market of 150 million connected TV users, ahead of Google Chromecast (29.9%), Amazon Fire TV (26.3%) and Apple TV (19.9%), according to eMarketer. Roku’s turnover amounted to nearly $ 400 million in 2016, mainly driven by the sale of devices, for $ 40 million in losses. Roku is now seeking to evolve its hardware model towards a business of “platform” (income from partnerships with advertisers and content editors). Its independence allows its customers to have access to an open ecosystem and a greater choice of apps compared to the competition, which seeks to enhance its content and establish a balance of power. For example, Google recently blocked access to YouTube from an Amazon connected speaker, due to “Bad user experience”. The Los Angeles Times returns to these issues: will the company manage to keep up with competition from the giants Amazon, Apple and Google?

In Roku’s IPO, investors want to know if the video streaming firm can fend off Amazon, Apple and Google

Amazon surprised its world with an unexpected press conference, intended to launch an Echo hardware battery.

In addition to a new Fire TV, three new Echo products were announced on this occasion : Echo Spot, the connected spherical alarm clock that plays music and videos, can also be used for video calls. There is also Echo Compact, a first-price connected speaker, a new generation Echo Plus speaker, and an Echo Connect box, to make calls with Alexa from a wired phone.

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A total of nine products now make up the Echo line, if you count the previous Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Tap and Echo Look. All this is a bit confusing, and on a personal level, I feel about as helpless as in the washer-dryer section at Darty, which is good since no availability date has been given for France.

According to Recode, all this is perfectly intended: as Amazon has not yet found THE killer application for Alexa, it distributes it through a multitude of small devices to occupy the field of personal assistants and impose its ecosystem in the home as quickly as possible.

The Echo doesn’t have one killer app, so Amazon is creating Alexa gadgets for every use case

Your intimate life has no more secrets for Tinder. The app to 50 million users has a simple and clear data collection policy: it logs everything!

Judith Duportail, journalist at The Guardian, had the painful experience of this by asking the application to send it all the information concerning it. In an article from September 26, she details what was transmitted to her. The young woman downloaded the application on December 18, 2013, connected 920 times, exchanged more than 1,700 messages, matched with 870 people, sent the same joke to boys numbers 567, 568 and 569… In all , the application has recorded more than 800 pages of data about Judith, even going so far as to detail the likes on Facebook or her photos on Instagram. Tinder also analyzed the journalist’s sexual preferences and male type.

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Like all Internet services, Tinder has a page dedicated to terms and conditions of use. The latter stipulates that the data collected can be used for advertising purposes and “to personalize the experience of each of our users around the world», Explains a spokesperson for Tinder to Judith Duportail. If like Katy Perry, you can not do without Tinder, know that the application can replace your diary (in several volumes).