[INSIDERS] 5 Tech Info to Shine in Society

by bold-lichterman

According to AFP, which claims a source close to the matter, Goldman Sachs would consider working in bitcoin on behalf of its clients. If the information were proven, it would be good news for the cryptocurrency, after several weeks of setbacks, in particular due to the bans first of ICOs, then of exchanges in China.

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A spokesperson for Goldman Sachs (also cryptic) told AFP: “In response to customer interest in cryptocurrencies, we are exploring how best to meet their demands in this segment. ” If the American bank opened a desk intended for this type of brokerage, it would only be intended for its clientele of professional investors.

Goldman Sachs would thus adopt a completely opposite posture from JPMorgan Chase, whose leader Jamie Dillon does not hesitate to regularly say all the bad things he thinks about bitcoin.

The Wall Street Journal (paywall) also echoed this information on Monday.

Snapchat plans to launch this evening a new experience in augmented reality, around art, with in particular Balloon Dogs by Jeff Koons. This platform will allow the artists’ works to appear in augmented reality, when the smartphone is directed to the dedicated places. Rio, Sydney, Paris, Toronto… would be one of them, if we are to believe the captures obtained by TechCrunch.

Because the surprise has been somewhat stale. A website art.snapchat.com posted a countdown until this evening at 9 p.m. (French time). It’s time for Snap CEO Evan Spiegel to speak at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit in Los Angeles. However, impatient and curious readers of TechCrunch quickly knew how to bypass the countdown to show what the site was hiding – by simply advancing the time on their own computers. Snapchat has since corrected its site, but the captures showing the animation cards were already online.

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The technology used is Imagine, an Israeli startup acquired by Snapchat in December.

Snapchat to launch augmented reality art platform tomorrow

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Bercy was in a pirate mood this Monday morning. The Ministry of Finance has decided to educate its staff on the practice of phishing, according to information revealed by Le Figaro.

The 145,000 agents of Bercy and independent agencies received an email inviting them to win cinema tickets. The senders of the emails were none other than Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, Emma Bovary or Isabelle de Merteuil, Dangerous Liaisons. What to put the chip in the ear then, but apparently not everyone made the connection …

1 in 5 people have fallen into the trap within two hours.More than 30,000 people clicked on the links between 10 a.m. and noon Monday morning. It’s a lot », Details in Figaro, Yuksel Aydin, assistant to the security manager of the IT services at Bercy. The trapped agents thus had the right to a little lesson in morale. Indeed, the link referred to an information page concerning the practice of phishing with explanations of the precautions to be taken.

Bercy aims to carry out other awareness campaigns, especially during the month of Cybersecurity, from October 1 to 30. With the help of consumer associations, the Ministry of Finance has drawn up a small practical advice booklet for the general public and business creators.

Microsoft’s techno high mass, Experiences17, kicks off today at the Palais des Congrès in Paris. At Microsoft, more than digital transformation, we prefer to talk about digital intelligence, to which these two days are devoted, around three essential axes: artificial intelligence, digital trust and innovative collaboration. If you can’t make it, Microsoft Experiences TV by FrenchWeb.fr allows you to find the highlights of the event here, such as the plenary sessions, as well as a series of specials with key players from the ecosystem and renowned experts. And if you don’t have time to watch Experiences TV, at the end of the first day, here are our Quotes of The Day favorite.

Maurice Levy, Chairman of the Publicis Supervisory Board
“Marketing will always be an inexact science based on feelings. “
“Artificial intelligence makes us a little smarter. “

Chrystel Heydemann, CEO Schneider France
“We are moving from a product-centric world to a world of using services. “
“The equipment of homes could be improved by 60% for better consumption while they represent 30% of global energy consumption. “
“Emergence at 5 years of” Energy managers “to face ecological challenges. “

Romain Trebuil, CEO and cofounder Shakhr
“12% of working people are self-employed / 35% of millennials are self-employed. “

Christophe Catoir, President France Addeco group
“Job creation is generated by the new methods of access to employment; over the last two years we will have transformed more than during the previous 50. “
“Paradox: in the age of disintermediation, digital transformation has made it possible to develop business; by digitizing the customer relationship @AdeccoFrance precisely creates intermediation.
“Over the last two years, we will have transformed more than during the previous 50”

Peggy Johnson Microsoft, executive vice president of business development, Microsoft
“Digital intelligence – amplifying human ingenuity, not replacing it. “
“We must not stop at the first mistake, but understand it and continue to innovate. “

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About partnerships, including Microsoft Cortana / Amazon Alexa:
“Don’t fight for the best piece of the pie but work together to have a bigger pie; through partnerships with voice assistants, we are making the cake bigger & improving the #customerexperience. Like our culture, our approach to partnerships has changed. We partner with Amazon or Dropbox. “

No, digital is not necessarily essential to be successful. At least that’s what Starbucks thinks. The famous American coffee chain has indeed decided to close your online store. On the latter, caffeine fans could purchase glasses, mugs, coffeemakers, flavored syrups or coffees. To continue consuming the beverages of the American chain, it will now be necessary to go to one of the 25,700 Starbucks establishments around the world.

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Behind this abandonment of the virtual sphere, Starbucks wants to repatriate its customers to its physical stores. Maggie Jantzen, spokesperson for the American group, had declared in August to Business Insider that Starbucks was indeed closing its online store to make its establishments “a must-see destination”.