[INSIDERS] 5 Tech Info to Shine in Society

by bold-lichterman

Fellow readers, I know you are well informed and it will not have escaped you that Tim Cook is on tour this week in France. Apple’s CEO began his trip with a surprise visit to Eldim, French SME of 42 people located in#TimCook the CEO of#Eldim near Caen. It provides a techno for the face ID of #iPhoneX pic.twitter.com/O63bklNqQg

– Philippe Lemoine (@PhLemoine) October 9, 2017

He met Emmanuel Macron this afternoon at 4:15 p.m., if we are to believe the president’s schedule. Likely agenda: GAFA taxation, education, start-ups, etc.

In the meantime, he took the trouble to visit to the My Little Paris teams, to celebrate the company’s mobile performance. With 11 mobile applications and a community of 4 million people, 50% of whom come from the mobile world, My Little Paris can boast of having succeeded in its mobile shift. After an exchange with the teams, Tim Cook then shared a kind of friendship chicken, “Roast a chicken”, named after the corporate value My Little Paris advocating conviviality, before being taken in by the illustrator Kanako.

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In the meantime, another rumor roars: Tim Cook would also take advantage of this trip to announce the arrival of Apple at Station F. Our colleagues from Mac4ever are echoed this morning, claim informed sources.

The FCC, the US telecoms regulatory authority, awarded Alphabet a lexperimental icence in order to deploy Project Loon in Puerto Rico. The island was hit hard by Hurricane Maria two weeks ago, and everything remains to be rebuilt, including telecommunications infrastructure: the FCC estimates that 83% of sites still have no cellular network.

To temporarily re-establish the mobile network and ensure essential communications, Alphabet will therefore send around thirty balloons into the stratosphere, 20 km above the earth. Developed by Alphabet’s lab X, they embed the equivalent of a mobile relay, adapted by its weight and resistance to the very specific conditions in which it operates. Solar panels allow the balloon to operate during the day and charge a battery for the night. The high-speed connection is transmitted to the nearest balloon via the telecommunications partner on the ground, to be then redirected to the users.


Facebook’s “Like” button has revolutionized our social life. However, Justin Rosenstein, the engineer behind this button in 2007, now seeks to escape her own creature, as well as what she helped create, the attention economy – and he is not the only one, according toThe Guardian.

Lack of concentration, drop in IQ, “everyone is distracted. All the time“… Too many harmful effects that pushed Rosenstein to take a radical decision last August: no longer go to Reddit and Snapchat, two applications whose effects he compares to heroin, and install parental controls on his iPhone to stop downloading applications.

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Some of his former colleagues are following suit. Leah Pearlman, who worked with him at Facebook, no longer uses the like button on the social network. Loren Brichter, the originator of the heart on Twitter, has outright blocked some apps and notifications.

For others, this mini-revolt pursues them even in the choice of school for their children. Indeed, they educate them in establishments where laptops, tablets or even i-Phone and i-Pad are prohibited.

‘Our minds can be hijacked’: the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia

AOL Instant Messenger will therefore have influenced the structure of Facebook. At least that’s what Mark Zuckerberg, the iconic founder of the world’s largest social network, says. While AOL announced the closure of its famous instant messenger (which still registers 500,000 unique visitors per month, according to Comscore) on December 15, the former Harvard student gave a little confidence about this social tool that marked his generation.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, if Facebook users today can choosing whether or not to show their friends that they are online is first and foremost thanks to AIM.I didn’t like that I had no control over whether AIM could tell my friends when I was online because sometimes I just wanted to code without being interrupted unless someone was there. with whom I really wanted to chat», He explains. And to add: “I hacked into a tool that allowed me to show that I was inactive for a long time even though I was actually on my computer. For this reason, Facebook chat always allows you to turn off your online activity indicator.»Thank you AIM and farewell…

To listen and read on Linkedin, in a series intended for influencers, the interview with Chris Blackwell, founder of the Island Records label. Known for having discovered and / or signed and / or developed among others: U2, Tom Waits, Steve Winwood, The Cranberries, Robert Palmer… and especially Bob Marley, the 80-year-old producer and businessman looks back on his career, and especially on its ability to talent scout and developer – and in view of the discography roundly aligned over several decades, one can listen to the advice of the elders with confidence.

I launched Bob Marley but maybe he launched me