Inria launches a huge universal software library

by bold-lichterman

The National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (Inria) has just opened its database to the general public “Software Heritage»To bring together all existing free software. A sort of digital library, it makes it possible to centralize and make accessible to as many people as possible all the software whose source code is publicly available, ie “open source”.

Launched on June 30 by Inria, this “universal and lasting software archive”, according to the organization, has already collected more than 20 million software projects and 2.5 billion unique archived source files. For Inria, this makes it “the richest source code archive on the planet”.

Microsoft and the Netherlands in the loop

The “Software Heritage” project barely launched, Antoine Petit, CEO of Inria, is already thinking about the future of the “Alexandria software library” and is banking on international development. “We decided to launch Software Heritage over a year ago, and we have shown its feasibility. In order to deploy it on a global scale, it is now time to open the project to the widest contribution, national and international.», He explains.

Initiated by Inria, the “Software Heritage” project has received a great deal of support within the digital sphere, from scientists to manufacturers, including foundations and independent and institutional organizations. With a view to expanding on a global scale, Microsoft and DANS and the Royal Academy of the Netherlands have made a commitment to Inria to develop this catalog of “open source” code. “We provide the infrastructure Azure (Editor’s note: cloud computing platform for companies) to help ensure the robustness and availability of the archive”, Declared Jean Paoli, president of Microsoft Open Technologies.

Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos