[Infographie] Women on the Internet

by bold-lichterman

The media group CCM-Benchmark published an infographic on the evolution of the online presence of French women. The latter is based on the figures of the conference Comscore sure ” the feminine universe on the Internet »Of December 11.

female universe headband on the internet

Here are the main figures to remember:

  • There are now 23.5M French people connected.
  • They spend an average of 1 day per month connected online, including nearly 5.2 hours on social media and 3.6 hours on email.
  • There are also 11.2M French mobile users, and 2.1 of them also have a tablet.

CCM-Benchmark also reviews the figures for online shopping:

  • There are nearly 15M e-shoppers in France.
  • They favor the purchase of clothes (85%), cultural products (85%), or even travel (80%).
  • They differ from men by purchasing textiles online (70% against 35% for men), perfumery (67% against 31%), and leather goods (46% against 22%).

women web infographics