[Infographie] Which internet giants protect your private data the most?

by bold-lichterman

Who are the internet, messaging, geolocation, cloud storage or social media service providers that best protect your private data from government demands?

This is what the Electronic Frontier Foundation tries to determine in its annual report “Who has your back”, based on 6 criteria:

  • If the company requires a warrant before providing private information.
  • If it informs those affected of government requests.
  • If it discloses how often it provides data to the government.
  • If it informs users about the best practices to adopt with regard to the law.
  • If the company is active in the fight for privacy rights in court.
  • What if she is lobbying to change privacy laws with the government?

Relayed by Gizmodo, we learn that Foursquare is experiencing the best evolution by obtaining all of its four stars this year, while Microsoft is rewarded with three new stars for the publication of transparency reports.

Twitter, also rewarded for its greater transparency and for better communication with those affected by government requests, is thus the safest company for your personal data. The social network shares this leadership with Sonic.net.


Photo credit: Shutterstock, millions of photos, illustrations, vectors and videos