[Infographie] What role does motive play in the US elections?

by bold-lichterman

Less than 24 hours before the first publication of the results of the American elections, The clouds, a specialist in mobile marketing, publishes an infographic entitled “Mobile at the heart of the US elections”.

Infographie What role does motive play in the US elections
This, based on several American studies, first reveals a few figures on mobile use in the United States: 50% of Americans connect to the Internet via mobile (smartphones, tablets), mainly to stay up to date with current events. At the same time, 88% of American voters have a mobile.

Social networks were very popular during the presidential campaign. In fact, 66% of voters have made an act of political commitment and 36% consider that social networks are important for keeping up with election news. 46% of Americans connect to it from their mobile, and 45% of them first read comments posted on social networks from their smartphones or tablets.

Finally, the American electoral campaign was able to demonstrate once again the power of the mobile. Indeed, over the same period from April to August 2012, the conversion rate of election text messages sent for Obama (seeking volunteers) was around 30% and pro-Romney mobile advertising had reached 10% click-through rate. Barack Obama’s smartphone application and his mobile website have, for their part, gathered nearly 2M VU in August 2012.

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