[Infographie] What are the advantages for mobile payment?

by bold-lichterman

Proposed by Merchant Warehouse, this infographic details the benefits of mobile phone payment.

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While smartphones are the majority in the United States and in France, these are now real digital wallets and facilitate purchasing by allowing barcodes to be scanned or by simplifying membership in loyalty programs.

We learn that 38% of American consumers surveyed by Merchant Warehouse have already used their smartphones to make a purchase and 21% of them to look for promotional offers.

Mobile payment should become essential by 2015 according to a study by the American company Discovery, cited in the infographic. Discovery, specialist in the installation of mobile payment terminals (160,000 shops equipped in the United States) indicates that in 2015, payments via smartphones will represent $ 22.6 billion. In 2012, they were already in the majority compared to other dematerialized means of payment, with a volume of $ 2.1 billion against $ 900 million for the latter.