[Infographie] Web2Shop: the evolution of French purchasing behavior

by bold-lichterman

The social shopping site Tribalista (via LeWeb2Shop) just published a infographics on the web2shop. This survey, carried out in partnership with the Kalidea Pulse agency with 2,500 e-consumers, reviews the evolution of French purchasing behavior on the Internet and in stores.

Infographie Web2Shop the evolution of French purchasing behavior

Here are the main figures to remember:

  • 24% of Internet users make their choice on the Internet to buy in store, while 26% make their choice in store to buy online.
  • Consumers say they prefer the internet for price (40%), choice (24%) and time (18%).
  • Conversely, those who prefer to buy in stores do so for contact with the product (33%), proximity to shops (23%) and choice (18%).
  • More than half of Internet purchases are related to ticketing, while 3/4 of physical purchases are food products.
  • Most visits without a purchase on the Internet are due to a store search, notice or stock availability. Conversely, the consumer does not buy in store because of the price, the wait or the lack of advice.
  • Consumers follow buying advice from experts first (36%), followed by friends (33%) and internet users (26%).

The infographic also reveals some figures on the importance of mobile in the context of a purchase. Indeed, 43% of Internet users have already used their mobile during their in-store purchases: 44% to compare prices, 38% to ask a friend for an opinion, and 32% to obtain more information on the product. It is also interesting to note that 30% of consumers benefiting from a voucher do not print it but receive it directly on their mobile.

Infographie Web2Shop the evolution of French purchasing behavior