[Infographie] Video, the star of a successful content marketing strategy?

by bold-lichterman

Already mentioned last week, content marketing is once again at the heart of this infographic, proposed by Brightcove, which shows the benefits of video in an online marketing campaign.

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While content marketing today represents a quarter of marketing budgets, this publication informs us that it is now included in the marketing strategy of 90% of companies. Also, if half of social network users subscribe to brand pages, a third rebroadcast the content created by them.

Faced with this trend, the video appears as a good way to stand out:

  • A video is 53 times more likely to appear at the top of search results than a regular page.
  • In an email, it increases the click-through rate by 96%.
  • An online shopper watching a video spends 2 more minutes on the site. The probability of buying increases by 64%.

The infographic finally looks at the specific figures for mobiles. We learn that a mobile user spends on average more time on applications (96 minutes per day) than surfing the web (72 minutes per day) and that 28% of them have watched at least one video per day since a mobile screen.


Source: Brightcove, data from Nielsen, Forrester Research, comScore.