[Infographie] The m-commerce boom in figures!

by bold-lichterman

All studies agree that smartphones represent the new eldorado of e-commerce. The following infographic, produced by Monetate, therefore proposes to return to the main figures of a market in full expansion and driven by the increased democratization of smartphones.

Infographie The m commerce boom in figures

Based on data from ComScore, Emarketer and the firm IDC, the infographic also attempts to provide an overview of the battle between Apple and Google in this sector.

To illustrate this confrontation, Monetate recalls some key market information. Website traffic from smartphones has thus more than doubled in one year. Android, for its part, would hold 61% of the global market for smartphone operating systems, against 20.5% for Apple.

On the other hand, the audience of merchant sites from iPhones increased by 117%, against 85% for Android smartphones. Likewise, in the first quarter of 2012, iPhones represented 2.45% of the total website audience. A share which climbed to 5.41% in the second quarter of the year, against 3.31% for Android smartphones.

The infographic then lists the most frequent shopping activities on smartphones:

  • 37% of users surveyed take pictures of products in store.
  • 35% search for the location of a store from their mobile or perform a price search.
  • And, 34% share the photos taken in store.

Finally, among the most commonly deployed mobile strategies we find:

  • The variation of mobile sites.
  • The development of mobile applications.
  • The deployment of mobile messaging.
  • And finally, advertising targeting based on geolocation, which only comes in last place among the devices put in place.

Infographie The m commerce boom in figures