[Infographie] The key figures of mobile email

by bold-lichterman

88% of smartphone owners consult their emails every day from a mobile interface. Here is one of the main figures highlighted in the following infographic, produced by the company Return Path. Called, “The mobile email revolution is underway”, it presents the results of a study carried out from October 2011 to March 2012 on email consultation habits.

Based on the analysis of more than a billion pieces of data, from the activity of 500 Return Path customers, the survey highlights how, in terms of email, mobile interfaces could quickly gain the upper hand over customers of Return Path. messaging and webmail interfaces, thanks in particular to the democratization of smartphones. The study therefore estimates that, by the end of 2012, more users will consult their emails from a mobile platform than from traditional interfaces.

Infographie The key figures of mobile email

Among the key figures highlighted:

Infographie The key figures of mobile email