[Infographie] The key figures of Instagram

by bold-lichterman

The team Online Colleges, has just published an infographic that summarizes the latest elements of appreciation of the Instagram phenomenon, recently mobile application bought back $ 1 billion by Facebook.

Infographie The key figures of Instagram

Among the figures to note:

  • The mobile application has 40M users.
  • Over a billion photos have taken from the Instagram mobile service.
  • Over 5M photos are posted on Instagram every day and 58 photos are taken from the app every second.
  • Every second, followers of the social network post 575 “likes” and 81 comments.
  • With a new user every second, Instagram could pass the 100M member mark in just 2 years, compared to 4 years for Facebook, 5 years for Twitter and 8 years for LinkedIn…

1606048191 155 Infographie The key figures of Instagram

The infographic also presents data relating to the use of Instagram by American students.