[Infographie] The importance of mobile SEO for your business

by bold-lichterman

The mobile web is a booming industry. No matter what type of business you run, your audience is on the mobile web, and you need to reach them. The site Alchemyviral created a infographics exploring the ins and outs of mobile SEO and its impact on the workplace.

Infographie The importance of mobile SEO for your business

This first reveals that 90% of mobile search results are carried out for the purpose of visiting a place of business or purchasing a product.

The majority of consumers are more and more comfortable with purchasing via their smartphones. Indeed, 60% of them are looking for a product on their mobile device before purchasing it, and 50% of mobile searches in the past 6 months were for a purchase.

The infographic then lists several good practices to keep in mind regarding mobile SEO, among which:

  • Favor the mobile site over the application,
  • Know your mobile audience and their expectations,
  • Optimize your mobile content,
  • Create office pages accessible to mobile researchers,
  • Maximize site speed,

For Alchemyviral, Siri has been cataloged as catastrophic for mobile search optimization, but this is, he says, a mistake. He thus gives three problems related to Siri: it affects the social landscape, it ignores the pay-per-click and it bypasses the social landscape and offers 1 solution for each of them.

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