[Infographie] The 7 key steps to launch your application

by bold-lichterman

Launching an application requires a business plan. Here’s how to build it.

The Californian marketing agency Bixa Media has published an infographic recalling the steps to follow to go from the idea of ​​an application to that of a real presence on an application store.

When Apple’s App Store launched in July 2008, there were 800 apps. Today, there are over 1 million apps in the Google Play Store, and 1.2 million in the App Store.reminds the agency in introduction. And the market has since become highly professional. To be successful, the agency counts 7 unmissable points in your application project, which is likened to a business project:

  • Make sure that your idea is unique and has not already been taken elsewhere;
  • It must respond or provide a solution to a problem or, where appropriate, entertain;
  • Have your idea and your project approved by a specialist.
  • Developers earn an average of $ 4,000 in revenue per app on the App Store versus $ 1,125 on the Google Play Store;
  • Choose a monetization formula among the different existing solutions: invoice each download, free download then payments in the application …
  • Promote the buzz via social networks to publicize your application;
  • Develop a showcase website to highlight it;
  • Create a blog around your application to create news around it.
  • Think of a developer, a designer, a marketer …
  • Register to have a “developer” account with Apple ($ 99 per year) or Google ($ 25 registration)
  • What will the visual on the screen look like?
  • What type of grip?
  • What sizes and shapes will the different elements have (buttons, icons, etc.)?
  • Objective: to avoid being refused on the app store.
  • Monitor the number of downloads, reviews …
  • Start working on the next and updated versions now.


Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos