[Infographie] Stores facing mobile challenges

by bold-lichterman

With the mass arrival of smartphones and tablets in homes, a new way of consuming has emerged. Now connected and mobile, consumers have adopted new ways of shopping.

Based on this idea, Cognizing, a global provider of consulting, technology services and business process outsourcing, publishes an infographic based on an analysis of the mobile offerings (sites and applications) of the 100 largest American retailers.

Infographie Stores facing mobile challenges

This reveals that 83% of the largest retailers provide at least one mobile offer. Among them, 66% have an iPhone application, 49% an Android application, and 67% have a website optimized for mobile devices.

Only 36% of these retailers (1 in 3) offer both a mobile-optimized site and iOS and Android apps, while 17% only have an optimized site, 14% a site + an iPhone app, 12% an app Android + an iPhone application, and finally 3% only have an iPhone application.

When we compare the mobile features offered by the top 100 retailers on iPhone and on the mobile web, we notice that mobile sites generally offer more services than iPhone applications, such as product catalog display, account management, or even the promotion of deals and promotions. Conversely, most iPhone applications offer more gift registers or “list support” than mobile sites.

Some options are now even more developed on mobile sites than on iPhone applications, such as the integration of Facebook “Like”, customer support by e-mail or zoom and 360 degree view of products. . The scan, meanwhile, is much more developed and present on iPhone applications than on mobile sites: 22% for product research with QR code against 5% for mobile sites.

Infographie Stores facing mobile challenges