[Infographie] Social web and mobile at the service of e-commerce

by bold-lichterman

The social media marketing specialist Semply Social published an infographic on the use of mobile Internet in France and particularly of social media on mobile. Based on various studies (Ipsos, Médiamétrie, FEVAD, Emarketer, TNS Sofres, etc.), he analyzes the importance that mobile social media can have on the use of e-commerce.

Infographie Social web and mobile at the service of e commerce

Today, more than 38% of French people own a smartphone and 83% of them connect to the Internet from their mobile. On the other hand, nearly 3M touch tablets were already sold in France in 2012.

Studies show that mobile devices push their owners to use social networks: the most used application on iPhone is Facebook, 59% of tablet users regularly consult social networks there, and 50% of the traffic generated on Facebook and Twitter comes from a cell phone or tablet. Semply Social even predicts that nearly 16M French people will use their mobile to connect to social networks, compared to 7.5M in 2012.

Given that more and more buyers are relying on the opinions of Internet users and their relatives before making a purchase, the infographic reveals that 40% of mobile users go online in stores, while 14% use the terminals interactive available in certain shops.

Regarding the act of purchase:

  • 34% of mobile users and 60% of tablonauts have already made at least one online transaction from their mobile device.
  • 40% of tablonauts and 22% of mobile users are used to preparing a purchase from their touch pad.

However, mobile device users tend to use them more at home than outside, and travel there to purchase cultural products, apps, services, clothing and travel.

A final trend emerges from the use of social networks on mobile: it is “local”: 61% of Facebook users want to find information about their city and neighborhood. Among them:

  • 69% are interested in local news,
  • 60% are looking for good local plans,
  • 51% are interested in photos and videos.

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