[Infographie] So-Lo-Mo: Are Advertisers Really Using the Right Cross-Media Tools?

by bold-lichterman

The interactive and event communication agency Moonda published a infographics on cross-media strategies and their implementation.

Infographie So Lo Mo Are Advertisers Really Using the Right Cross Media Tools

Carried out with more than 2,000 advertisers from industry, service, community and association sectors, it reveals that nearly 40% of advertisers manage their communication actions entirely internally. However, more than half of them (58%) agree that their campaigns do not allow them to measure quantitative returns.


SMEs are increasingly using social networks. Indeed, advertisers with an annual communication budget of less than € 50,000 use social networks 3 times more than advertisers with an annual budget of over € 50,000. They even allocate nearly 40% of their budget to their website and 13% to social networks (compared to 6% for big budget advertisers).

45% of advertisers say that it is important and strategic today to be present on social networks. However, 65% admit not being active on any social network.

When we question advertisers whose strategic priority is loyalty, 48% believe that a presence on social networks is of no interest, while 28% say they are suspicious of social networks and only 24 % find that being present on the networks is strategic.


Among the advertisers surveyed, 32% have an objective of conquering their audience in 2012, but only 5% of them indicate that they communicate locally.


The infographic also reveals that 50% of advertisers do not use any mobile medium to communicate. 62% of advertisers with a customer loyalty strategy do not use any mobile medium in their communication strategy.

Infographie So Lo Mo Are Advertisers Really Using the Right Cross Media Tools