[Infographie] “SAAS is beautiful!” – FrenchWeb.fr

by bold-lichterman

The Frontapp.com site has developed an infographic to say all the good he thinks about SAAS… a market that he currently assesses at 16 billion dollars.

The markets would also like it fervently, since according to the diagram below, they welcomed 9 software publishers in SAAS in 2012. Six others, including Dropbox, could still go public shortly.

Another notable element according to this infographic, the amount of sums dedicated to the financing of SAAS solutions has multiplied by 3.5 in the space of two years: in 2012, 397 transactions were concluded. Among the most notable of 2012, Evernote.

Other interesting point underlined by Frontapp.com: the SAAS is at the origin of a war… of acquisitions. Example:

  • Microsoft buys Yammer for $ 1.2 billion;
  • IBM acquires Tivoli for $ 743 million;
  • Google buys Wildfire for 450 million dollars.