[Infographie] One 3D printer per person by 2040?

by bold-lichterman

Proposed by the agency Neo Mammalian Studios, the infographic below completes the study carried out by the consulting firm Hub Institute and presented this morning by FrenchWeb on the 3D printing revolution.

More and more sophisticated, 3D printers now allow many achievements, from industrial parts to food, including weapons or clothing … The computer graphics tell us more about the distribution between these different applications depending on the use of 3D printers by manufacturers or simple amateurs:

For manufacturers, the interest of 3D printing lies in the savings in production time achieved, mainly for the creation of engine parts (31.7% of cases), everyday consumer products (18.4%) but also in the medical field (8.8%) or even the military (5.5%).

Hobbyists use 3D printing to produce mainly utilitarian (14% of cases), artistic (14%), educational (13%) or spare parts (13%) objects.

The agency Neo Mammalian Studios then analyzes, through the adoption curve of Everett Rogers, the evolution of the equipment of households with computers between the 80s and today to predict that, by 2040, each household will have its own printer 3d.