[Infographie] New advertising trends for online video games

by bold-lichterman

With 27 million players in France (55% of the population), the audience for video games has exploded over the past 10 years. This is what reveals a infographics published by SponsorPay, specialist in monetization in mobile and social games.

Infographie New advertising trends for online video games
This one, which focuses on the French video game market and its opportunities for advertisers, reveals some interesting figures:

  • The video game market has grown by 300% in 12 years, partly thanks to mobile gaming (14.3M players), casual gaming (14.3M), and social gaming (12.2M).
  • Video games have overtaken newspaper and radio reading with more than 10 hours of gaming per week per user in 2012 (+ 21% over one year).
  • Despite the emergence of Facebook, applications on smartphones and tablets, gamers still spend the majority of their time playing on their computer (67%).
  • The average age of players is 35, of which more than half are women. These favor social games over other games.
  • Over 70% of smartphone game revenue comes from in-app purchases on free apps.

Regarding advertising on games, the free-to-play model is at the origin of a new advertising model: “value exchange advertising”:

  • 87% of players would agree to watch more advertising with this format
  • 91% of players say they pay more attention to incentive advertising
  • 84% prefer to watch advertisements in their games rather than on television (70% for Youtube).
  • This advertising model increases purchase intention for the brand by 32%
  • Finally, 22% of gamers have a more positive vision of the brand thanks to this format.

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