[Infographie] Mobile marketing figures and trends

by bold-lichterman

Mobile shopping this holiday season is expected to constitute a large percentage of online spending. The agency Prestige Marketing published a infographics showing the main figures of mobile marketing as well as the strong trends of the sector for marketers.

Infographie Mobile marketing figures and trends
Here are the main figures to remember:

  • Mobile purchases represent 20% of online sales during the 2012 holiday periods, against 11% in 2011 and 5.5% in 2010.
  • 70% of mobile users take action (reservation, pre-purchase or product purchase) less than 1 hour after carrying out a search on their mobile.
  • Mobile users spend 10% of their time on mobile devices, while the advertising industry only spends 1% of its budget on mobile advertising.
  • If your site is not mobile friendly, 79% of mobile users will look for a similar site that is.
  • The three most popular mobile marketing media for consumers are: websites (70%), apps (55%) and QR Codes (49%).
  • 50% of marketers believe that a mobile strategy could help them recruit new customers and increase their sales.
  • 75% of marketers without a mobile strategy plan to launch one in less than a year.

Infographie Mobile marketing figures and trends