[Infographie] Mobile internet deemed too slow

by bold-lichterman

This infographic based on the results of a recent study conducted by Compuware, shows that the performance of mobile internet would not meet the expectations of mobile users. Thus, 71% of mobile web users hope that websites will load as quickly from their smartphone as from their home computer in the future.

Infographie Mobile internet deemed too slow

The infographic also tells us that:

  • 57% of the 4000 mobile users surveyed admit having encountered difficulties accessing a website from their mobile during the past 12 months.
  • Thus, 60% of these users say they leave a web page, taking more than 3 seconds to open on their smartphone.
  • And, 74% of mobile users surveyed would formally refuse to wait more than 5 seconds for a page to open.
  • Finally, 43% of these users said they would not return to a site they felt was too slow.

Infographie Mobile internet deemed too slow