[Infographie] Mobile activity in 60 seconds flat

by bold-lichterman

This infographic produced by the Mobclix, an auction platform for mobile advertising, recently acquired by London agency Velti, gives us a nice overview of what can happen on the mobile internet in the space of 1 minute.

Infographie Mobile activity in 60 seconds flat

If this work gives pride of place to the mobile games sector, other figures (less offset) are highlighted. Among them:

  • Over 23,000 applications downloaded from the App Store.
  • More than 460 banking transactions in Europe carried out via mobiles.
  • Over $ 2,300 in advertising dollars spent every minute in the United States.
  • Over 77,000 wifi connections made from iPhones.
  • Or, more than 200,000 minutes spent playing on Angry Bird.

The other statistics show how much smartphone users can be addicted to games like Tiny Zoo Friends, Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds.

We therefore regret the absence of data relating to m-commerce, research carried out on the web, activity on social networks or even the number of check-ins carried out …