[Infographie] How to be well referenced in 2013?

by bold-lichterman

Text Link Ads, an agency specializing in natural referencing, delivers its “best practices” to be referenced in 2013.

The agency thus returns to the importance of content marketing and content optimization by targeting Internet users as a priority and no longer search engines. Supporting figures, she advocates:

  • The importance of the frequency of your posts: 92% of companies posting content on a blog several times a day have acquired at least one new customer through this, compared to only 56% of companies posting once a month.
  • The importance of finding original content to publish in order to be taken up on social networks, thus creating engagement and interactivity: 79% of marketers use social networks to find content to share, 63% d ‘among them the newsletters.
  • Finally Text Link Ads comes back to the importance of varying your anchor texts and not exceeding 50% of the links anchored on keywords.

SEO in 2013