[Infographie Google] How multiscreen becomes the norm

by bold-lichterman

Google released yesterday a new study devoted to the “multi-screen” habits of Internet users. The web giant thus emphasizes that “90% of consumers use different screens to accomplish a single online task”.

Infographie Google How multiscreen becomes the norm

In details, 81% of Internet users use different media to conduct online research, while 67% use multi-screen when shopping online. Finally, 43% of them switch to different screens to book their trips on the internet.

In the context of this study, Google also identifies two types of “multi-screen” behavior: the fact of using different devices one after the other and the fact of consulting several screens simultaneously. Behavior also known as “multi-tasking”.

However, this dimension of multi-tasking is found mainly in front of television. Indeed, according to the study, 77% of viewers watch television with another device in their hands. Most of the research carried out on laptops and smartphones at this time is then directly related to the content watched on television.

Another lesson, the differences of state of mind that we find according to the supports. Thus 81% of purchases made on smartphones are made spontaneously. An attitude that contrasts with computer uses, where online purchases are much more thoughtful.

The following infographic highlights key information from the study.

Infographie Google How multiscreen becomes the norm

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