[Infographie] French mobile traffic multiplied by 2.6 in 2012

by bold-lichterman

The French Smart AdServer, specialist in online advertising, gives us in this infographic the three things to know this year about mobile advertising.

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We thus learn that in 2012, the share of mobile traffic in the consultation of information or sports content was respectively multiplied by 3 and 4 to represent 32 and 40% of total traffic.

In France, mobile traffic increased 2.6 times in 2012. Like their Italian neighbors, French mobile users favor mobile applications over the mobile web, which is 3 times less used, unlike other countries mentioned in the infographic. If British mobile users do not display a preference, we note that in Poland and Germany, applications represent respectively only 11 and 14% of the mobile content viewed.

Smart AdServer finally reminds advertisers that in 2013 it is appropriate to target Apple and Samsung mobiles (60% of PdM) and the iOS and Android OS which equip 92% of smartphones worldwide.