[Infographie] French Internet users addicted to their mailboxes?

by bold-lichterman

The SNCD recently published the results of the 6th edition of the E-mail Marketing Attitude study. This survey, aimed at analyzing the behavior and perception of French Internet users vis-à-vis the email channel, gave rise to a infographics produced by Mailify Software.

Infographie French Internet users addicted to their

We thus discovered that in 2012, 2/3 of Internet users declared having at least two email addresses compared to 1/3 of Internet users in 2010. 15% even declared having at least 4 email addresses.

Regarding the use of their e-mail addresses:

  • 90% of Internet users consult their main address at least once a day
  • While 60% visit their secondary address at least once a day
  • 50% of Internet users give their main address to companies when they are customers
  • 25% give their secondary address to a company when they are not customers

More and more Internet users are using mobile devices to get to their mailboxes, including 25% on mobiles and 6.2% on tablets.

The infographic also looks at the relationship Internet users have with brands. As a result, 37.4% favor the email to receive news and offers from brands, 45.7% of them having even purchased a product after receiving an email related to a commercial offer. Conversely, only 8% prefer to follow brands on social networks.

However, commercial offers have their limits, since:

  • 54.2% of respondents believe that the offers do not meet their expectations
  • And 63% believe they receive too many offers from the sender.
  • 41.7% are looking for the unsubscribe link
  • And finally 30.5% delete emails without reading them.

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