[Infographie] Big Data: the new black gold?

by bold-lichterman

People are more and more connected, generating phenomenal volumes of data: From the first data measurements until 2003, 5 exabytes of data have been generated. In 2011, this same quantity was generated in 2 days. It will only take 10 minutes in 2013. In order to facilitate the visualization of this explosion of data, EMC, a specialist in Big Data in business, has created an infographic entitled: “Data is the new black gold”.

Infographie Big Data the new black gold

This reveals that with 133M blogs on the internet, more than 4M articles in English on Wikipedia and 247 billion emails sent every day (80% of which is spam), there is almost as much data and information in the digital universe that there are stars in the real universe. He specifies that the internet traffic generated in 1 hour could fill about 7M dvd, or 7 times the height of Everest, when stacked.

English is the dominant language on the internet (550M users). However, EMC predicts that it will be overtaken by Chinese by 2014. With an average of 120M users, French is to date the 8th language spoken on the Internet, behind Arabic, German and Portuguese. , and ahead of Russian and Korean (less than 100M users).

Regarding mobiles, EMC estimates that 80% of the world population owns a mobile phone, and 60% of them actively use text messages (193,000 messages sent every second in 2012).

Finally, the infographic takes stock of “high frequency trading”, a technique using specific algorithms to follow web trends in real time. A transaction order between New York and London currently requires 65 milliseconds, but the installation of new optical cables under the Atlantic will save 5 milliseconds, or several million dollars for trading companies.

Infographie Big Data the new black gold