[Infographie] Big Data: in 95% of companies, data remains untapped

by bold-lichterman

The Big data promises to help brands know precisely their target. The explosion of data should allow them to segment their customers more finely, and to personalize the customer relationship. You still have to know how to collect and use them.

Today, where are companies in their control of data? What is the impact of Big Data technologies, in terms of engagement and revenue?

The society Monetate, whose solutions are based on data to optimize the online campaigns of its customers (agencies, media and companies), attempts to answer these questions in the infographic below. Some key points to remember:

  • 94% of marketing professionals consider online personalization a major issue in their business

However, companies are still struggling to master Big Data:

  • in 95% of them, data remains untapped
  • 39% use their data insufficiently
  • 26% don’t use real-time visitor behavior to personalize their website

Detrimental shortcomings, when you consider the advantages that a judicious use of data can bring:

  • Companies that have invested in the use of statistics would have increased by 49% the growth of their turnover
  • The personalization of a website from data increase online sales by 20%

bigdata infographic

Photo credit: Shutterstock, millions of photos, illustrations, vectors and videos