[Infographie] Back in photos on the Instagram adventure

by bold-lichterman

Visual.ly agency took advantage of the recent takeover of Instagram by Facebook for $ 1 billion, to publish an infographic retracing the main stages of the young shoot. Drawing on the vintage clichés behind the success of mobile application, the infographic highlights some key figures on which the start-up has already communicated widely. Visual.ly does not forget, however, to mix these statistics with some anecdotes. We thus learn that before attracting more than 30M mobile users under the name of Instagram, the project imagined by Kévin Systrom and Mike Krieger was called Burbn.

Infographie Back in photos on the Instagram adventure

Some key dates:

March 2010: Creation of Burbn after a first fundraising of $ 500,000
December 2010: Instagram brings together a community of 1M users.
February 2011: Instagram announces a funding round of $ 7M
June 2011: Instagram has 5M users
September 2011: Instagram has 10M users
September 2011: Instagram launches its V2
April 2012: Instagram is finally available on Android
April 2012: Instagram has more than 30M users
April 2012: Instagram closes a second funding round of $ 50M
April 2012: Facebook buys Instagram for $ 1 billion.

Infographie Back in photos on the Instagram adventure

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