[Infographie] Applications vs mobile sites: the match!

by bold-lichterman

Consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to access a multitude of data and information. As a result, companies must adapt to new trends and improve their presence on the mobile web.

But is it better to start by creating an optimized mobile site or by building an application? In an attempt to answer this dilemma, the advertising agency MDG published an infographic comparing the characteristics of mobile sites and apps. Data is extracted from several sources such as Flurry Analytics and ComScore.

Infographie Applications vs mobile sites the match

Two years ago, users spent, on average, 20 minutes per day more on mobile sites than on apps. Last December, that relationship reversed and apps overtook mobile sites. These are increasingly popular with consumers, are faster, more interactive and can be integrated with all kinds of phone-related functions. However, they must be properly installed to be usable, while a simple mobile site, cheaper to build and less complicated in terms of approvals, allows the user to navigate very easily.

The choice of medium (application or mobile site) would therefore depend on the type of service you are seeking to provide. According to the American site Mashable, studies have shown that Internet users choose mobile browsers for shopping, research and entertainment, but prefer apps for managing data, browsing and interacting on social media.Infographie Applications vs mobile sites the match