[Infographie] A typical day for a French smartphone

by bold-lichterman

The French are using their smartphones more and more throughout the day. But what use do they make of it? Ericson posted a infographics recounting the main results of its ConsumerLab on the use of smartphones around the world, and in particular in France.

Infographie A typical day for a French smartphone

We thus discover that 30% of French people go on the Internet from their smartphone even before getting out of bed in the morning. However, that figure rises to 55% as soon as they are lifted. In the evening the results are almost similar, with 50% of French people going to their smartphone after dinner, and 35% as soon as they go to bed.

According to the ConsumerLab, the French are the greatest users of smartphones (65%) when they are in transport in the morning, ahead of the Germans and the British (60%). More than his European or transatlantic colleagues, the French, during his morning commute, uses his smartphone mainly to manage his trips (23%), make phone calls (19%) or even send SMS (19%). Social networks (15%) are also part of everyday life during the journey. The smartphone therefore does not appear as a tool for social disruption, quite the contrary. In the evening, they are “only” 50% to use it on the return trip.

The infographic also shows that Parisians with a smartphone would like to be able to make more use of it: make payments (60%), compare prices or find out about products via bar codes, plan trips (76%) and use their loyalty cards directly on mobile (76%).

Infographie A typical day for a French smartphone