[Infographie] A Japanese mobile user uses an average of 6 applications per day

by bold-lichterman

Produced by Fuller Inc, a BtoB specialist in media and mobile applications, this infographic reviews the consumption habits of mobile applications in Japan, while the Japanese market generates more revenue on Google Play than the American market.

infog japan app data banner
We learn that a Japanese mobile user has an average of 36 applications on his mobile phone and installs and uninstalls nearly 3 per month. These are mainly utility applications or mobile games.

In addition, Japanese mobile users use an average of 6 applications per day, most often in the evening.

Fuller finally draws up 3 user profiles:

  • The “Gamers” who favor mobile games. They have an average of 41 applications on their mobile and are the least active on social networks. Their applications are mainly used in the evening, between 7 p.m. and midnight.
  • The “Sociables” who have fewer applications but are more present on social networks and are more than 33% to use their mobile at least once a day to take photos.
  • The “Geeks” who have an average of 43 applications on their mobile. These are most often utility applications that they use throughout the day.