[Infographie] 94% of companies would be seduced by BYOD?

by bold-lichterman

Already identified as a strong trend by Forrester last year, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is talked about again in this infographic produced by Cognizant. If only 34% of companies used it last year, 94% would now consider implementing such a policy in 2013.

byod headband

While 81% of employees use at least one screen in the course of their professional activity, having their own phone, computer or tablet at work offers a certain comfort, both for employees and for the employer.

Infographic tells us, in fact, that BYOD is developing because it would make employees “happier” for 56.5% of them, in particular for reasons of greater mobility (51.3%) or greater flexibility in their work environment ( 46%).

Businesses are not left out. This process would improve productivity in 52% of cases and reduce IT and maintenance costs in 36 and 28% of cases, respectively.

Nevertheless, the implementation of a BYOD policy implies certain constraints for companies, in particular at the level of the protection of professional data.

Thus, among companies that have already adopted a BYOD control policy, 80% request that a security or mobile management solution be installed. Moreover, theinfographics indicates that more than half (53.7%) of companies limit BYOD to certain devices or platforms.