[Infographie] 80% of online opinions on local businesses are positive

by bold-lichterman

40% of places reviewed on the internet in Europe are related to catering, indicates a recent study carried out by the platform Nomao, edited by the Ebuzzing group. In order to establish an inventory of online recommendations on local businesses, the survey provides a battery of figures relating to the European market.

Infographie 80 of online opinions on local businesses are positive

The study carried out by the specialized search engine thus underlines that in the five European countries studied (Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy), opinions on local businesses have multiplied by 8 in 4 years. This dynamism can be explained in particular by the strong trend towards SoLoMo. It even driven by the democratization of smartphones.

In detail, with 12 reviews on average, accommodation seems to be the sector that concentrates the most reviews on a single place. Moreover, with an average of 7 comments per address, the United Kingdom appears, according to the study, as the country with the most comments online.

Another striking figure, 80% of Internet users’ reviews of local businesses are positive. The service and the setting would be the criteria on which Internet users would be the most demanding. The price would thus intervene only in the background. Finally, only 1% of restaurants and 3% of hotels reviewed have more than 200 reviews.

The following infographic contains the main information from this study.

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