[Infographie] + 722% ad impressions on smartphones in Europe

by bold-lichterman

The mobile advertising network, InMobi, just published its annual report. Given the scope of its activity, these statistics provide an overview of the widespread popularity of mobile marketing worldwide.

Infographie 722 ad impressions on smartphones in Europe

The following infographic, centered on the European case, allows you to visualize the main trends that emerge from this major retrospective.

  • Mobile ad impressions are said to have grown by over 250% in the space of a year. This growth would have reached 488% in the smartphone market alone.
  • In Europe, this boom is even more significant with mobile growth of 358% and 722% on smartphones.
  • In the same geographic area, Apple’s iPhone 4 holds a little over 10% of printing shares. It is followed by the iPad 1, the Blackberry 8520, the Samsung Galaxy S II and the iPhone 4S.
  • In terms of manufacturers, Apple therefore captures 27.5% of printing shares, an increase of 8.5% compared to the previous year. Next come Samsung (21.4%), RIM (15.7%), Nokia (13.3%), then HTC (9.1%).
  • Finally, when it comes to operating systems, Android leads the way with 32% of the shares and growth of 15.3%. The system developed by Google is closely followed by the iPhone OS which holds more than 27% of the shares and shows a growth of 8.5%.

The figures in this report reflect the activity of InMobi, whose network now reaches 340M users in more than 165 countries.

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